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Our Services

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Benefit from over two decades of experience and be supported in the handling of complex projects. Our ISO & SCCP certification guarantees transparency and the highest safety standards at economically reasonable conditions.
As an all-round service provider, we also offer services that go beyond simply renting autocranes.



Project Logistics

Precise like a Swiss Watch

We are your all-round service provider for oversized and heavy goods. Combining our strengths in crane operations, transportation and shipping solutions, we make it possible for you to enjoy the advantages of a coordinated logistical chain, all with just one contact partner. We chronologically coordinate and optimise all procedures and requirements. Our logistical expertise guarantees the competent handling of your projects. Every step is precisely planned and all contingencies are taken into account, meaning transportation with us runs the way it is supposed to: safely and without delay.

We offer following services:

  • Heavy load transportation
  • Cargo handling
  • Seaport shipments via multimodal carriers
  • Transportation processing
  • Rough assembly or dismantling
  • Packaging
  • Processing of documents
  • Permits
  • Escorted trips and convoys
  • Routing provisions and Road closures

Heavy-duty Transport

Precision to the last centimetre

The bigger the project, the more interesting is our job. You produce the goods and we’ll make sure they arrive safely, effectively and economically. We are your competent partner for heavy-duty transportation, from organisation to execution. We offer national and international transportation for loads up to 300t.

Our fleet of trucks offers a variety of combinations, all driven by experienced professionals.

  • 3- and 4-axle tractors
  • Plateau/semi-trailers, low bed
  • Slant-loaders
  • Our own BF3 fleet
  • Authorisation service

Crane Services

Let us carry your load

Every construction site is unique and presents its own challenges. Whether it’s our 40 t mobile crane, one from our mobile MK-class or our mighty 700 t mobile crane, we will tailor the perfect solution for you by deploying the right equipment, placing optimisation and safety at the fore. Our extensive network of partners places us in a leading position to plan for both national and international mobile crane applications.

Our mobile cranes offer you support in the following fields:

  • Industrial and commercial building as well as house and residential construction
  • Industrial and plant construction
  • Port handling facilities
  • Wind energy and power plant construction

MSG Levage - Strasbourg

Our major operations branch runs along the French border, which has resulted in a strong presence in France for the past 15 years. Our French services are identical to those offered in Germany. We guarantee service without language difficulties as we employ many native speakers of French who will provide support. In order to comply with French standards and laws, our machine fleet is subject to technical approval several times a year. We additionally have ten French crane operators who possess the CACES, RCQ and RC2 certificates, enabling us to operate on French construction sites.

Since demand in France is rising steadily, we opened our first branch MSG Levage in Strasbourg on 1 September 2017.

Should you have any queries, our French sales representatives will be glad to help you.

MSG Permits

We make sure that you have nothing to worry about.

Lawmakers regulate road transport and sometimes projects need to go beyond these regulations. Special permits for our cranes and heavy-duty transport are sometimes needed then.

Upon request, we will also apply for permits for your vehicles. In addition to these applications, route surveys and route inspections are occasionally necessary for some transport operations, as not all cargoes can fit every tunnel or traverse every bridge.

In particular cases, static calculations must also be carried out.

As soon as these procedures have been completed and the permit granted, we organise the entire transport package, including escort vehicles, road closures and stopping restrictions. We will also deal with all cases in which traffic lights or oncoming traffic need to be considered.